Consistency Adds ROI

Changing a process in manufacturing can be a risk. But when it proves to be a good investment, the lesson learned is that productivity adds time and money to your bottom line. For more than a decade, Unison Engine Components-Asheville used a handmade, handheld deburring tool for finishing the holes on a high pressured turbine stator. This method seemed to be sufficient at the time until being introduced to an E-Z Burr machined alternative to the process.

The Problem

The problem was not an obvious one as this is a lower volume component. However, the consistency was lacking accuracy which added time and compromising the quality of the product. The current hand-made, hand held needle deburring instrument added a significant amount of time to the process.

This specific component, used in aerospace manufacturing, was lacking a consistent chamfer. The high pressure turbine stator, made of Inconel 718, requires a blind hole of .0935 diameter. This challenge became more apparent as measured accuracy was not being achieved at a regular level.

The handmade deburring tool pencil grinder was very difficult to use and required that a skilled craftsmen spend more than 30 minutes per part to complete this process. This amount of time obviously added to the cost of producing the high pressure turbine stator.

The Solution

Due to the fact that this was a unique application, there was not a machined tool to pull from the shelf. Unison Engine Components-Asheville approached E-Z Burr with the challenge to provide a custom built micro tool to meet their standards and requirements. The tool proved to be a successful solution with the required chamfer size of .005 – .015 to assure the consistency they were looking to achieve. In addition, the attention to detail also allowed the avoidance of damage inside the blind hole.

The Results

Unison Engine Components-Asheville now has an Inconel 718 component that meets their standards of quality and consistency. They are proud to offer a unique product that may offer increased sales of this component.

The time savings alone, added productivity to the manufacturing capabilities and a more profitable operation. The introduction and ease of the machined deburring process also removed the tedious and mundane frustration from the labor force dedicated to manufacturing this component.

Pride in craftsmanship, a consistent finish and time saved. The features and benefits of making change, a pleasurable experience.

Since 1960, E-Z Burr has been providing innovative and versatile deburring solutions to customers. Over the last 5 years they have introduced and expanded their Carbide Series of deburring tools to produce successful results for rigid or hard materials.  “From the very start, our goal has been to provide tools that are durable, dependable and easy to use and maintain, while offering our customers a fair and reasonable price,” says Bill Robinson, President of E-Z-Burr. “We are always looking for new innovative ways to meet the needs of our clients.”

Not seeing what you need?
40% of all E-Z Burr tools are custom made for our customers. Contact us today for your deburring needs.
Not seeing what you need?
40% of all E-Z Burr tools are custom made for our customers. Contact us today for your deburring needs.