Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions about E-Z Burr’s deburring tools. If you do not see the answer to your question in this section feel free to call E-Z Burr toll free at (803) 438-4000.

Frequently Asked Questions

All E-Z Burr Tools are designed and built to deburr or chamfer the front, rear or both sides of a hole in a single pass. Our deburring and chamfering tools are versatile, allowing you to add an insert to apply a precision chamfer. We also offer a combination drill and deburr tool that can do two operations in a single pass.
No, they are independently designed, and the blades and inserts cannot be interchanged.
E-Z Burr Tools are easy to use and maintain. Set-up is quick and straightforward. Used primarily in metal working operations, our deburring tools run on a variety of machines. HSS & Micro Series Tools are the most versatile. These deburring tools will run in basically anything that turns a tool, including Dial, Transfer and CNC machining centers, plus Bridgeport's drill presses and even hand drills. E-Z Burr's Carbide Series, Drill/Deburr Combination Tools and Precision Chamfering Tools can also be run in the same machines as the HSS series. However, using the tools by hand is not recommended, as proper part workholding is required.
E-Z Burr's HSS and Micro Series blades are made of High Speed Steel. The Carbide Series, Drill/Deburr Combination Tool and Precision Chamfer deburring inserts are made of Tin Coated C2 Carbide.
E-Z Burr's HSS blades are available with TiN coating from stock. The Carbide Series, Drill/Deburr Combination Tool and Precision Chamfer cutting inserts come standard with TiN coating. TiAlN and ZrN coatings are also available for special applications upon request. Micro Series Cartridges cannot be coated.
HSS Series Tools: The speeds and feeds are normally the same as for HSS twist drills of the same diameter and same material. Micro Series: The Micro Series is a little different than the standard HSS tools. Without the ability for adjustment, we recommended running approximately 1/2 the rpm as the HSS drill of that size, and 1/2 the feed rate. If you need to be a little more aggressive, slow the rpm; if the tool is too aggressive, increase the rpm. Carbide Series Tools, Drill/Deburr Combination Tool and Precision Chamfer Tool: We have found very good results running the Drill/Deburr Combination Tool and the Precision Chamfer Tool under the same guidelines as the Carbide Series Deburring Tools. See the PDF below for speeds/feeds chart.
Unlike with drilling, there are a lot more variables involved. The operations preceding the deburring station make a huge difference in the life of a cutting blade or insert. The main determinants of deburring tool life are burr condition, material, and the method of operation. The more material that has to be removed, the fewer the number of holes will be deburred between changes. Considering all the variables, you could deburr anywhere from 100 to 10,000 pieces with the HSS, and from 500 to 50,000 pieces with the carbide.
All E-Z Burr Deburring Tool arbors are made of high-alloy steel. They are hardened to 45 Rockwell for the HSS and Carbide Series, the Drill/Deburr Combination Tool and the Precision Chamfer Tool. An M2 blank at 60 Rockwell is used for the Micro Series.
E-Z Burr is proud of our ability to produce custom deburring and chamfering tools to meet even the most demanding and unique applications. We can produce special lengths, diameters, pilots or shanks, flats, tangs or whistle notches. We can also produce special tools for virtually any application. In fact, we stock a wide variety of hardened blanks for quick turnaround on such special orders. Consequently, they can often be produced and delivered in as little as two weeks.
The proper deburring tool is dependent on the type of material you're machining, the speeds at which you're cutting, and your production requirements. Please consult our technical staff for tool recommendations.
For the HSS blades, E-Z Burr has compiled a chart which gives blade recommendations for different types of material. The Carbide inserts are basically universal. A positive rake insert will work on most applications, and we do offer a more aggressive cutting angle when required for difficult machine materials like inconel or aircraft grade titanium alloys.
Our "Small Hole" Carbide hole is targeted to expand our standard carbide range from 1/4" down to 1/8" diameters. The design of the dovetail fit carbide segment is distinctly different from that of our current inserts. The one-piece flex-arm / insert component simplifies the replacement of the carbide cutting edges. We have field test results that have proven the performance advantage over HSS in difficult applications such as high temperature alloys. The range of coating and geometry choices is greater to cover all the bases from good to tough to difficult cutting conditions.

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40% of all E-Z Burr tools are custom made for our customers. Contact us today for your deburring needs.
Not seeing what you need?
40% of all E-Z Burr tools are custom made for our customers. Contact us today for your deburring needs.